ConSensus DIN rail modules

ConSensus VMC range of DIN rail modules:

Product list.

The affordable and multifunctional modules of the VMC range are ideal to quickly build and test a Vending Machine Controller, but also to rapidly create a working model for an exhibition or an interactive game for a visitor centre or museum.

A VMC system consists of a control module and, if necessary, additional driver boards.

    Examples of applications:
  • ice cream vending machine.
  • dexterity games.
  • working scale models for visitor centres.
  • score board.
  • clock and thermometer display.
  • rapid prototyping for a machine or device.

The control module offers:

  • powerful ARM processor with 256k flash EEPROM.
  • color graphic TFT display and 4 buttons for local settings and read-outs.
  • 7 inputs for switches and contacts.
  • 7 outputs for lamps and relays.
  • coin acceptor input.
  • connector for coin hopper, ticket dispenser or prize spiral motor.
  • MP3 player with microSD-card for sound effects and spoken instructions.
  • USB device connector to link with a PC.
Various expansion modules can be clicked onto the control module, like drivers for displays or lamps, spiral motors, servos and stepper motors. A GPRS mobile internet module is also available, to remotely monitor and control the machine. For a complete list of available modules, please check our VMC product list.

The modules are often available from stock, or with a few weeks lead time.

For software development, please contact Exatech. Due to our vast experience we can write custom firmware for your application at a very competitive price level, typicaly under € 2000,=. Once developed and payed for, the firmware becomes your industrial property and no further royalties will be charged to deliver control boards with your code.