ConSensus DIN rail modules

ConSensus Industrial range of DIN rail modules:

Product list.

ConSensus industrial DIN rail modules are designed for harsh industrial environments. The modules form a unique collection of high precision and robust analog and digital interfaces, easily linked together through the connectors in the DIN rail that distribute power and communication.

All modules use 23mm wide Phoenix ME-MAX enclosures. With matching connectors attached to the DIN rail, the modules can simply be installed and removed without so much as a screwdriver. All wiring is terminated on Phoenix Combicon connectors, also allowing quick modification of the system.

Properties common to all modules:

  • well protected inputs and outputs.
  • galvanic insulation.
  • 9-24V DC power supply. Protection upto 30V and reverse polarity.
  • powerful ARM processors inside.
  • Modbus RTU and ASCII protocols, or efficient and secure ConSensus proprietary protocol.

By combining various modules together, integrated measurement and control systems can be build, all with the same features, communication and connections. There are modules for:

  • digital pulse counting.
  • analog inputs and outputs (4-20mA and temperature).
  • current to frequency convertor (0-20mA to 0-1000Hz).
  • EC, pH and ion-sensitive measurements with temperature compensation.
  • GPS location logger.
  • DC motor driver
For a complete list of available modules, please check our IND product list.

The modules are often available from stock, or with a few weeks lead time.

For prices and for custom designed modules or custom software development, please contact Exatech. Thanks to our vast experience we can develop dedicated solutions for your application at a very competitive price level.