ConSensus DIN rail modules

ConSensus DIN rail modules:

ConSensus DIN rail modules, designed by Exatech bv and build in the Netherlands, offer powerful and intelligent solutions for building industrial controls and sensor interfaces:

VM range:


affordable and multifunctional modules for rapid prototyping of a new machine, for building a mockup for an exhibition or an one-off interactive object for a museum or visitor centre.

Sound, light and movement: displays, lamps, MP3 hifi-stereo sound and motors can easily be controlled.

All modules use 12-24V DC and communicate via RS485. String the modules together to simply distribute power and communication.

Industrial range:

Industrial range   High precision and robust analog and digital interfaces, in Phoenix ME-MAX DIN rail enclosure:
  • digital pulse counting.
  • analog inputs and outputs (4-20mA and temperature).
  • current to frequency convertor (0-20mA to 0-1000Hz).
  • EC, pH and ion-sensitive measurements with temperature compensation.
  • GPS location logger.
  • DC motor driver
All modules are designed to operate from 12V DC to 24V DC, and communicate over RS-485 using Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII or a fast and reliable proprietary protcol. Power and communication are distributed over the DIN rail, allowing quick configuration and expansion.