ConSensus VMC range DIN rail modules

VMC controller:

The heart of the machine: a DIN rail module with a fast ARM processor, 256k flash memory and lots of I/O:

  • color TFT display with 4 menu-buttons.
  • 7 inputs for switches and contacts.
  • 7 outputs for lamps, relays and motors.
  • coin acceptor input.
  • output for coin hopper, ticket dispenser or spiral motor.
  • USB and 10/100 ethernet.
  • real-time clock with supercap backup.
  • MP3 player with micro-SD card for sound effects.
  • 2 RS485 busses.

Dual H-bridge DC motor driver

Dual DC motor driver for 1Amp motors, or a single stepper motor.
Capable of driving the DC motors bidirectionally in PWM, or microstepping the stepper motor. Four inputs can be programmed as safety switches and/or as tacho or position input.

Mobile internet board.

The GPRS module allows remote control of the machine, to read its sales, adjust its settings or make it send emails for errors and warnings. Equipped with a Telit quad band GSM interface and a swivel antenna. If the VMC is entirely made of metal, the antenne can be brought outside of the machine for good reception.
Can optionally be delivered with website hosting.

Matrix driver board.

the build-in microprocessor controls up to 6 seven-segment displays, or a lamp-board with up to 6*8=48 lamps (12V 100mA). 16 pole flatcable, plus 2 extra outputs for lamps.

Various LED displays.

Connects directly to the matrix driver board through the 16 pole flatcable connector mounted at the back side.
Other display configurations on request.

2 digit 20mm high4 digit 50mm high4 digit 100mm high (392x122mm!)

Full color TFT touchscreen.

Connects directly to the RS485 bus of the VMC controller, has 240x320 pixels and a build-in touchscreen controller. The firmware offers handy utilities to draw buttons, texts and images on the screen.